– Debbi Fink (Winner of game Changer Award at 2016 Skin Games)

I have been using the BeeDazzle Mask for several months now with great results. All my clients have noticed skin lightening, reduced wrinkles as well as reduced pore size. I have noticed much greater hydration in addition to the above. I am seeing the greatest difference in Fitz 3, 4 and 5. I love that I can use it with no down time as the in between peel for my tougher acne customers. Back treatments are really easy and I am finding the scaring is reducing quickly.
– Paige C.
The BeeDazzle Mask is the perfect addition in the treatment room. I love using it before a diamond tip microderm for clients that need a boost in exfoliation. This mask is super easy to apply and gives great results in a single treatment or series with no down time for the client.
– Linda D.
My skin felt amazing right after my treatment with BeeDazzle Mask and has continued to feel that way since its treatment. My skin felt plumped and healthy. As a person with oily skin, my pores have always been an issue for me. The treatment dramatically reduced the appearance of my pores. I would definitely have the Beedazzle Mask treatment again.
– Joan F.
I have had the BeeDazzle Mask used on me several time’s now and I have to say it is quickly becoming my favorite mask. My skin feels tighter and brighter every time it is used. I don’t get the dry feeling like I usually do with peels but get all the benefits. If you haven’t done the BeeDazzled yet, you should.
– Jerry D.
I like the versatility of the Relief Bio- Powder because of its powder base. I call it my “fairy dust” because you can just dab it on a sensitive area and it seems to heal the skin, calm down redness, and speed up healing time.
– Jen
The Rare Retinal Serum exfoliated and resurfaced my skin without any of the irritation I have experienced with other product brands. Very impressed!
- Laurel D.
A few years ago I developed Rosacea symptoms. I tried several things and nothing really helped until I began using Hale & Hush’s Quiet Wash, which significantly reduced the redness on my cheeks and forehead! Recently I ran out of a lightening serum I was using and was urged by my esthetician to try the Soothe Essence and Rare C Serums. They were the best I’ve ever used – redness completely gone and my skin is light, bright, and even. Thank you!!
- Andrea
The Rare Retinal Serum ROCKS!
- D.W.
The Incredible Enzymes Facial is a great lunchtime facial for my clients. No Downtime and excellent results! A must-have!
– Karen
I am very impressed with the Relief Bio-Powder. I recently took my daughter to the dermatologist because of a rash that turned out to be perioral dermatitis. He prescribed antibiotic gel, which made my daughter’s skin flaming red, so I decided to apply the Relief Bio-Powder and to my surprise, the redness faded quickly. I decided to just use the powder and I am simply amazed. It is clearing her perioral dermatitis and quickly! I think I have told every esthetician I know about your powder!
- Kirstin D.
The Hush Hydrate is truly a winner – very soothing and zero stinging. Thank you!
- Paula
I’m an esthetician and recently started using the Hush Hydrate on clients. They say they love it, and that it feels cool and refreshing. I have used it various times during facials and have found that I like it most as post-microdermabrasion soothing. I also really like how quickly it absorbs into the skin.
– Susan
I like that the Hush Hydrate is creamy yet light, and the blue color makes it look soothing and inviting. It felt like the mask was easily absorbed into my skin, leaving almost no residue and making for easy removal. Plus, it didn’t give me any type of sensitive reaction. A winner all the way around!
– Betty
I have rosacea and use several of your products in my daily routine to keep it at bay. I clean my face with the Quiet Wash. I then apply the Hush Hydrate with a brush (I was immediately pleased with how cool it feels on my skin!), and get in the shower. I easily rinse the mask off after 10 minutes or so, and my skin always feels calmer, softer, and smooth. After that, I use the Soothe Essence and Rare C Serums, the Eye Serum and the Vital Lipid Lotion. I love it all!
– Marsha
I am an Oncology Esthetician and recently requested some Hale & Hush samples. I wanted to try them all just to get a sense of how they work and feel on the skin. I used the Quiet Wash at night and put the Soothe Essence Serum on overnight (I usually can’t stand to have anything on my skin overnight, but this wasn’t bad at all). This morning, I cleansed and apply the Saffron Meristem Cream. I am in awe! I don’t know the last time my skin felt this amazing, but it was long before I entered the skin care industry. There is literally NO roughness, no poor texture, my makeup went on absolutely beautifully – I’m sold. This is the line I’d like to provide for my oncology patients, and I believe it will also be suitable for a number of my other guests. I am impressed by your ingredient profile and am thrilled to be working with your products. Thank you!!
– Casey
Starting last week I had a terrible eczema breakout, the worst I’ve ever had on my hands, arms, and groin. Nothing seemed to be helping, so two mornings ago I started using a combination of Hush Hydrate & Relief Bio-Powder and it has saved me from misery! I am not an esthetician, but I’ve been experimenting with my skin and the results are unreal. I officially don’t ever want to be without this product!
– Amy
A client of mine suffering from lung cancer has been breaking out in an itchy rash on her face, neck, and chest. Her dermatologist gave her some samples to try and relieve the itching, but they just made it worse! I gave her a sample of the Relief Bio-Powder and Soothe Essence Serum. She called me two days later and was so happy – her skin calmed down, it wasn’t so itchy and she was amazed at how soft her skin felt. I ordered her a Plantae Powder, Restore Serum and Plantae Foaming Wash.
– Denise
I was at the dermatologist today and got the best compliment from a patient in the waiting room. She told me that my skin is so pretty and smooth, and she was even more surprised to hear that I’m 44! I told her all about Hale & Hush and how happy I’ve been since I started using them over a year ago.
– M.G.
Living in Arizona, I won’t leave the house without Broad Spectrum SPF 30 on my skin. After having skin cancer, I need special protection. This sunscreen has a cool, healing effect and is so emollient; I love how my skin feels after applying it. Thanks to Hale & Hush’s Broad Spectrum SPF 30, I can enjoy my convertible again!
– Patti M.
After using the Rare C Serum regularly, my skin feels softer, more moisturized, brighter and it seems like my pores have gotten a bit smaller too. As a matter of fact, I’ve felt more comfortable going without makeup lately because I feel like my skin just looks better. Thank you!
– Angela K.
I have found the Relief Bio-Powder to be very helpful. One client, due to Sjogren’s disease, has inflamed, raw skin at the corners of her mouth. We made a paste with the Hush Hydrate and the Relief Bio-Powder and she applied it before bed. The next morning these areas looked like normal skin with the redness and tenderness completely gone. This treatment seems to last 7-10 days, and she is thrilled.
– Jennifer
After using the Rare C Serum regularly, my skin feels softer, more moisturized, brighter and it seems like my pores have gotten a bit smaller too. As a matter of fact, I’ve felt more comfortable going without makeup lately because I feel like my skin just looks better. Thank you!
– Angela K.
I really have enjoyed Hale & Hush Products. As a nurse and a cancer survivor I have found them to be very soothing and gentle on my skin. They don’t contain ingredients used in other skin care products that would cause irritation, particularly with the sensitive skin of cancer patients. I also found the products to be moisturizing without being greasy or sticky; they left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Many thanks for this lovely line of products. They meet the needs of the difficult skin issues that cancer patients are often faced with. It’s great to have such a caring company doing great work.
– Judy C., RN
I am a cancer survivor and was having a bad allergic reaction to one of my medications. The doctors stopped the medication and put me on strong antihistamines. I had a miserable red, itchy rash. My esthetician recommended your Relief Bio-Powder, and I immediately felt relief after one use! The powder was so soothing. It stopped the itch and I could use it several times a day. I recommend it to everyone.
– Amy R.
I used Soothe Essence Serum on a deep skin abrasion on my leg, and within 10 days my epithelium was completely restored!
– S.W.
I can’t seem to adequately express my appreciation for your Hale & Hush products, designed for health-challenged skin like mine! For over 30 years I have searched to find skin care that would simultaneously cleanse and hydrate my skin during on-going treatments for systemic lupus, fibromyalgia, and most recently breast cancer. Hale & Hush is by far the best help that I’ve found. Your products are not only gentle but also provide the nourishment that my skin has needed for a very long time. Some of my favorites in your line are: Quiet Wash, Soothe Essence Serum, Eye Mousse , and Saffron Meristem Cream. The best testimonial I can pass on comes from my naturopathic doctor who recently noted how much better my skin looks and feels now that I have been on your therapies. Thank you again for designing products that serve my specific needs so wonderfully.
– Sue S.
I decided to try the Quiet Wash as a shampoo. It’s the best shampoo I’ve ever used and I won’t ever need to use anything else! I’ve had sensitive skin and a sensitive scalp my whole life and traditional shampoos are challenging due to the chemicals and fragrances. Now, I never have any issues with dryness or irritation, my hair is clean and feels great to the touch, and I never have any flakes on my shoulders. In addition, while shampooing in the shower it’s convenient to wash my face and neck at the same time, avoiding the need for separate products. I also love the fact that it’s unscented. . Thanks again Hale & Hush for making my day!
– Phil C.
I love ALL of the Hale & Hush products! My absolute favorite is the Hush Hydrate, which amazingly cools and relieves my skin. It also serves as a great pick-me-up during the day, especially when I’m not feeling my best! My skin feels fabulous!
– Patti M.
Just wanted to share with you the outcome of a client under my care, an 80 year-old man who has been using Hale & Hush products after experiencing some health challenges. I started him on the Quiet Wash, Soothe Essence Serum, Broad Spectrum SPF 30, and Vital Lipid Lotion. He had a squamous cell on his face and was being treated with a topical cream. When he started using the Soothe Essence Serum together with the Vital Lipid Lotion, the results were amazing. It healed faster and the oncologist was impressed. My client is also going through radiation therapy for a cancer near his jugular vein, and feels these products are helping him maintain the integrity of his skin. I am happy that he is experiencing wonderful results. Keep up the great work!
– Liz T.
I am so excited about your Saffron Meristem Cream. It has been remarkable for my skin that has been stressed by my constant but necessary use of anti-rejection and anti-viral drugs for cancer. What a difference I’ve noticed! I’ve recently had some lessening of my kidney function, which causes itching and other skin issues, and the Saffron Meristem Cream has been amazingly soothing and has improved my skin’s appearance.
– Carol T.
I love the Eye Mousse. It has really helped minimize the fine lines around my eyes and lips!
– Chris C.
Last night I did a facial on a client who had just gotten over a bad cold. Although she was over the worst of it, she said her nose had been running for days and was so sore and painful that it hurt even without touching it. It was extremely red, chapped, chafed and raw. I told her that after a very gentle cleansing, I was going to apply a generous coating of Hush Hydrate and would re-apply as many times as I thought necessary during the facial. I knew there was going to be some improvement but the results were amazing! The redness was about 90 percent gone by the end of the two-hour facial.
I felt very self-conscious about going back to work with shingles blisters on my face. The Relief Bio-Powder soothed, helped dry the blisters, and most importantly helped to conceal them. I think it may have helped speed up my recovery as well by reducing my desire to scratch the blisters as well as my stress about their unsightliness.
– R. Kane
Rare C Serum has really made my skin vibrant and drastically reduced the pore size. I will definitely continue to keep this product in my medicine cabinet from now on!
– Mary J.
Saffron Meristem Cream has renewed my face. The fine lines are lessening and my skin is rehydrated.
– Karen M.
A woman in my office often has dark, puffy circles under her eyes, so I gave her some of your Eye Mousse to try. We were absolutely amazed at the results – in less than a half-hour her dark circles were drastically improved, almost non-existent! Very impressive!!!
– Jean
The Incredible Enzymes is a wonderful facial for dry and dehydrated skin. I experienced this at my spa and my skin just glowed after!
– Shauna
I just started using the Relief Bio-Powder on little red, itchy bumps on my side, and it certainly helps relieve the itching. So far, I like the Relief Bio-Powder and feel that it helps me more than the 1% Hydrocortisone Cream I have. Also, since I started using the powder, the rash has not spread, the bumps seem to be healing, and they have not scabbed like the others did before I started using the powder. I am grateful the formula exists!
– Kim M.
The Incredible Enzymes is a wonderful facial for dry and dehydrated skin. I experienced this at my spa and my skin just glowed after!
– Shauna
With my face so sore and painful from a recent rosacea breakout, I was able to use the Quiet Wash to soothe my skin, and then the Relief Bio-Powder covered the red so most people hardly noticed my condition! Thanks so much!
– J.S.
I have been giving my sister, a very brittle diabetic, soothing facials with your products and protocols. Her skin is so fragile and touch is very painful for her, due to bloating from internal organ failures. Thank you for introducing me to a better way to help my sister in this time and anyone with health-challenged skin.
– Sherri
I’ve been using a strong prescription face cream and my face is still sensitive, peeling, and unsightly from it. Once that course was finished, I was supposed to apply cortisone cream to help with the itching and swelling. The cortisone cream burned. I was looking through my creams to see what I might have that wouldn’t burn. I found some Vital Lipid Lotion that someone had given me and it has been WONDERFUL. I can put that on my face and there is no burning; it eases the itching and burning and makes it bearable. I really appreciate having that cream!!
– Janet
I have never been loyal to any one line of products until now! My eyes have become very sensitive to any skin or makeup products I put on my face; they are red all the time and any kind of fragrance is especially problematic. Then I met one of your advisors and we spoke about Hale & Hush. She told me to try the Hush Hydrate in case it helps alleviate the irritation to my eyes, and I have noticed a huge difference. It soothes my dry skin, spreads smoothly and evenly, and most importantly my eyes don’t seem to react to the ingredients. My eyes haven’t been this clear in a long time. I also love the Quiet Wash to cleanse and the Soothe Essence Serum during the day when my skin feels dry and I feel tired. It has a way of waking me up AND makes my skin glow!
– Colleen O'Neill