SENSITIVE SKIN IN SKIN OF COLOR – Collaboration Class with Pamela Springer

SENSITIVE SKIN IN SKIN OF COLOR – Collaboration Class with Pamela Springer


Pamela Springer, a legend in our industry… is a Licensed Aesthetician, Aesthetics Instructor, Author and founded the The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona. Pamela trains aestheticians and medical professionals in clinical treatments for pigmentation anomalies, acne, and aging. Her previous position as educator for a major professional skin care line opened the door to her much sought after class on global skins. Working with these skin tones for more than 20 years, Springer launched Global Skin Solutions (GSS) corrective products. She is also a contributing writer for industry publications and cultural magazines. Pamela Springer conducts on and off-site training for aesthetic medicine providers, aestheticians and healthcare professionals around the country.

Pamela Springer, the creator and leader in treating global skins, will join Hale & Hush to give some specific and advanced education on sensitive and sensitized skin conditions on all skin types, focusing on skin of color.  We will work in unison on how to calm sensitivities, irritations, and redness while building the barrier function and health of the skin for this clientele.  This class will focus on sensitivities in skins of color, how to recognize it, identify and create treatment plans for these skin types.  Topics will include skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, acne, PIH, hyper and hypo-pigmentation.  In this class, we will also touch upon skin cancer, oncology esthetics and getting certified to treat these skin conditions. We will focus on the importance of barrier function, creating healthy skin, and moving into more advanced protocols.  Hale & Hush will focus on functional ingredients, products and prepping the skin for more aggressive skincare lines and treatments.

Educator: Pamela Springer & Shawna Rocha

cost of class is $75

February 12 from 1-3pm EST on Zoom

Please contact: or call 602-858-5814 with payment information to register


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