Gentlemen’s Facial Training & Certification

This class focuses on treating men’s skin issues and created specifically for the male client.  Often these skin issues are shaving-related such as razor burn, folliculitis, blackheads or other skin conditions or sensitivities.  This class will cover the products necessary to perform a sensitive skin facial on a male client focusing on deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning and hydration. Regular skincare services for male clients help to prevent acne, decrease congestion and blackheads, and maintain healthy, hydrated skin. Also included is a suggested beard cleansing and care, a demo of our men’s facial protocol and suggested home care routines. Sign up now for this specialized product knowledge class. This is a great add on for any esthetician, cosmetologists or barber.

This class is a Virtual Training and Demo. Open only to licensed beauty professionals.

Educator: Melissa

Cost:  $60

February 5 from 5pm-7pm EST online

Please contact: or call 602-858-5814 with payment information to register


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