What’s New in Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are hard to define, since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate natural skin care products or the ingredients in them. The FDA refers to natural skin care products as using ingredients “extracted directly from plant or animal products as opposed to being ‘produced synthetically.’”

Retail consumers are getting savvier about ingredients, which, in turn, is requiring the skin care professional do some research outside the treatment room. Consumer magazines are writing articles on glycation, rosacea and sensitive skin, and clients are mentioning ingredients that they hear about, asking: “Does this work?” By keeping up with the latest ingredients coming into the skin care marketplace, you are able to guide clients toward the newest products with the most natural results-driven ingredients they desire. Natural ingredients that have been around for years are being rediscovered to have properties that help with anti-aging, brightening, inflammation and acne…. Access Full PDF Article Here.

by Kris Campbell, Founder/Managing Director, Hale & Hush and Eclectic Solutions
As seen in Skin, Inc. Magazine – May 2014

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