Delicate Dealings – Understanding Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a condition the skin care professional sees every day in the treatment room. In a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, 44.6 percent of individuals polled stated they had sensitive skin.1 As sensitivity levels rise due to various factors, it’s important to determine exactly where your client’s sensitivity comes from before deciding on a specific course of treatment.

Skin sensitivity always comes with inflammation, whether visible or not. Environmental factors, reactions to cosmetics or fragrances, aging, medications and health challenges can all contribute to sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin. These factors can lead to symptoms such as stinging, itching, burning and/or visible skin changes like redness, dryness, scaling, peeling, bumps, acneic breakouts, hives or hyperpigmentation.2 Most people with sensitive skin don’t seek help from a professional until the discomfort becomes unbearable, so it’s essential for professionals to understand how to address it once a client comes to see you about it… Access Full PDF Article Here.

by Kris Campbell, Founder/Managing Director, Hale & Hush and Eclectic Solutions
As seen in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa Magazine – February 2016

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