Food for Thought – Gluten-free Facials & Skin Care

Gluten Free Facials

They may sound like rather sobering names: Cyclodextrin, Avena Sativa, Triticum Vulgare Starch, and for some, these are just that—scary. Yet these are in fact products of common foods, bread, pizza and pasta that many of us crave. But they have also become the culprits of one of the latest afflictions worldwide—gluten intolerance. Gluten is … Read more

What’s New in Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are hard to define, since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate natural skin care products or the ingredients in them. The FDA refers to natural skin care products as using ingredients “extracted directly from plant or animal products as opposed to being ‘produced synthetically.’” Retail consumers are getting savvier … Read more

Glycation and the Skin

Mature Beauty

“GLYCATION” is a buzzword that is gaining more momentum in the consumer and retail sectors. Although most skin care professionals know the term, glycation is being discussed in consumer magazines, as well. It is always to your professional advantage to know what clients are reading in order to reduce the chance of being caught off … Read more

The 3 Stages of Hormonal Skin

Hormonal Skin

Hormones are the body’s chemicals that send signals between cells. They control and regulate many functions in the body, including temperature and blood pressure, and they support other diverse functions, such as growth, cell repair, metabolism, fertility and reproduction. The communication that a hormone has with organs in the body, along with other hormones, can … Read more

Adjusting Treatments for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Remember the days when people simply described their skin as oily, combination or dry? Today 50 percent of women and 40 percent of men describe their skin as sensitive. Sensitive and/or health challenged skin can arise from several internal factors, ranging from hereditary skin issues to developing skin conditions related to health challenges such as … Read more

Skin Types 1 & 2


Diabetes affects over 20 million Americans, and more than 40 million Americans have prediabetes. It is very likely that a portion of our own clients represent some of these prediabetic individuals. The first thing we need to understand is the difference between the two types of diabetes, and the related conditions that may affect the … Read more

5 Questions With Kris Campbell

Kris Campbell of Hale & Hush

At the tender age of four years, TecNiche Savvy Science ( is a skincare company with a strong identity, thanks in no small part to its sharp-minded CEO, Kris Campbell. The tireless Campbell, whose professional career began in sales and supply chain management, is passionate about the company’s highly specialized line and unique point of … Read more

Oncology Ingredients

Oncology Ingredients

Cancer patients deal with many different skin conditions due to the disease itself, treatments they receive and medications they take. The skin is extremely compromised. Looking at skin care labels can be daunting for the esthetician on a daily basis. However, we need to be extremely careful when dealing with someone undergoing treatment to make … Read more

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